Service Disconnection

Aqua’s Tariff, Section 3.09 – Service Disconnection

A member’s utility service may be disconnected if a bill has not been paid and proper notice has been given.

Proper notice shall consist of a separate mailing or hand delivery at least five (5) days prior to a stated date of disconnection, with the words “termination notice” or similar language prominently displayed on the notice. If applicable, the notice must also list the past due balance.

Service may be disconnected after proper notice for any of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to pay a delinquent account or to comply with a deferred payment agreement;
  2. Willful violation of a usage rule when that violation interferes with another member’s service;
  3. Failure to comply with valid deposit or guarantee arrangements;
  4. Upon discovery by Aqua that the property has been subdivided in violation of applicable county subdivision ordinances;
  5. Upon discovery by Aqua that more than one dwelling is connected to a single meter on the property, unless the present members pay each month and Aqua has accepted the appropriate multiple of the Monthly Customer Charge;
  6. Upon discovery by Aqua that one meter is serving more than one dwelling and the dwellings are located on separate parcels of land;
  7. A member has failed to have a customer service inspection performed or has failed to provide access to the service location for the purpose of performing a customer service inspection; or
  8. Nonpayment of charges for sewer service that are collected by Aqua under an agreement between Aqua and the provider of the sewer service.

Service may only be disconnected without notice:

  1. When a known dangerous condition exists, for as long as the condition exists;
  2. When service is established through meter bypassing, an unauthorized connection or unauthorized reconnection; or
  3. In instances of tampering with Aqua’s meter or equipment.

A residential member may request a delay of disconnection of service upon establishing that disconnection of service will result in some person residing at that residence becoming seriously ill or more seriously ill if service is disconnected. Each time a member seeks to avoid termination of service under this provision, the member must have the attending medical doctor call or contact Aqua within 15 days of the issuance of the bill. A written statement must be received by Aqua from the attending medical doctor within 20 days of the issuance of the bill. Upon receipt of the doctor’s written statement, Aqua may, at the discretion of the General Manager, delay disconnection of service for a period not exceeding 45 days from the issuance of the bill. At the discretion of the General Manager, Aqua may allow the member to enter into a deferred payment plan.