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Our Water Conservation Strategies

Aqua Water Supply Corporation is working diligently to sustain, follow and create water conservation strategies.

Drought Contingency Plan

Rate Structure

  • We are dedicated to diligently managing our operations to ensure that member fees remain affordable and that our rate structure remains fair and reasonable. The current Rate Schedule can be found in Section 5 of the Aqua WSC Water Service Tariff.

Water Loss Mitigation

  • This includes a variety of leak detection tactics including Charlie the leak detection dog, ASTERRA Earthworks satellite leak detection, and Acoustic leak detection technology.

Installation of AMI Smart Meters (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)

  • The installation of the Smart Meters is a phased process starting in the Circle D area of Bastrop County.
  • AMI Smart Meters use a radio frequency to send data from the meter to the utility billing department.
  • Aqua WSC will now have the ability to monitor water usage on a daily basis rather than on a monthly basis and members will be able to see their usage in real time through an app.