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Standard Water Service

Note: Estimates will not be made until a completed application has been received.

  • Property located on maps in Aqua WSC’s office
  • Application completed by owner
  • Service Agreement completed and signed by owner
  • Copy of the recorded Warranty Deed or Contract for Deed is needed, along with a copy of the survey plat with field notes of the property. Additional information may be required.
  • Sign and notarize a permanent water line easement
  • $7,940.00 fee will be charged for a standard meter set (5/8” by ¾”) if Aqua WSC’s service line is on the same side of the road as the property location, has adequate capacity, appropriate easements and is compliant with all applicable subdivision ordinances, including Aqua WSC, city and county. If a service line is not on property, capacity availability is questionable, review for easements is required, or has been subdivided, a $150 nonrefundable deposit will be collected for further research. A cost estimate will be provided within 60 days.
  • $600 capacity reservation fee applies to any tract or parcel that has been subdivided from a larger tract as evidenced by deed or contract. This charge applies to subdivisions occurring after May 7, 1984.
  • $70 Customer Service Inspection fee will be collected to cover the cost of a mandatory inspection in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). A complete inspection is to be performed of the customer’s new service line. To schedule a Customer Service Inspection, click here. Para programar una Inspección de Servicio al Cliente, haz clic aquí.

Please refer to Section 6 of the Aqua WSC Tariff for more information on Water Service Rules and Regulations.

Customer Service Contact List

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 512-303-3943

  • Jennifer Petty, Customer Service Manager – extension 146
  • Josephine Hernandez, Compliance Specialist – extension 123
  • Charlotte Wood, Customer Service Representative – extension 124
  • Lissete Tullos, Customer Service Representative – extension 127
  • Elidia Alvarado, Customer Service Representative – extension 139