About Aqua Water Supply Corporation

Aqua Water Supply Corporation is located in Bastrop, Texas. Aqua WSC serves rural residents and businesses in a 953-square mile service area in six Texas counties, including most of Bastrop County and parts of Travis, Lee, Caldwell, Fayette and Williamson Counties. The mission of Aqua Water Supply Corporation is to enhance the quality of life for our members and their families by providing safe, reliable and sustainable water and wastewater services that meet or exceed state and federal regulatory standards. Aqua is committed to responsible management and preservation of natural resources for today and tomorrow.

Conserving is a New Way of Life

With an eye to the future needs of our members, Aqua requests the membership to continue voluntary conservation; Stage 1 water restrictions as defined in the Aqua Drought Contingency Plan. Conservation habits not only save water, they also save money by keeping monthly bills lower and eliminating the need to build new water storage tanks just for peak-use times. We welcome the opportunity to help our members develop sensible conservation habits.

Good Neighbor

Aqua works hard to be a good neighbor by having an open door to everyone in our area. We work together with local city and county governments, regional water utilities, sheriff’s offices, schools and civic groups. After all, most of our employees live in the area and are customers too.

Quality Policy

Aqua Water Supply Corporation is committed to the highest quality service and to continuous improvement of our processes in compliance with all relevant government and industry standards. Aqua employees will exercise the utmost level of ethical and professional business practices as they strive to meet or exceed our member’s expectations for water quality and customer service.

Water quality is a priority focus, and every single day we follow thorough, professional processes for optimum water safety. Part of that focused effort is the routine testing of water samples for process control, regulatory compliance and reporting. In addition, Aqua offers high-quality testing services to other utilities and businesses, home owners and private well owners at the Aqua WSC Laboratory. The Aqua lab is accredited by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) and certified by the TCEQ for the federal Safe Drinking Water Act in support of the Texas Public Drinking Water Program. For more information, please visit the Aqua WSC Laboratory website: www.aquawsclabs.com.