Billing Information

Aqua WSC’s Tariff, Section 6.11 – Billing

Aqua WSC renders water bills monthly unless service is terminated before the end of a billing cycle.  When a new member initiates service less than one week before the next billing cycle, Aqua WSC may bill for that service in the following month’s billing cycle.

Aqua WSC considers a payment late if it is not received at Aqua WSC’s office on or before the monthly due-date.  Aqua WSC adds a 10% penalty for a payment received after the monthly due-date.  Failure to pay on or before the due-date may result in disconnection of service.

The member is responsible for the bill.  Aqua WSC will not separately bill occupants who are not members unless the member agrees to be responsible for payment of the bill and executes the appropriate documentation with Aqua WSC.