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Aqua began operations in January 1970 when the U.S. Farm and Home Administration extended loans and grants to spur start-up water systems all over the U.S. to provide safe drinking water at reasonable prices to rural areas. Prior to then, rural residents in the area often hauled water or used cisterns. There were some scattered community wells, but the quality varied from location to location. Since its earliest days to today, Aqua’s mission has been to ensure a safe, reliable water supply for its members.

What makes Aqua’s services possible…

  • 22,854 connections as of January 2021
  • 1,856.24 miles of pipe
  • 30 water wells with 19,196 gallons-per-minute combined capacity
  • 26 pump stations with 50,040 gallons-per-minute total capacity
  • 20 pressure planes
  • 6 Standpipes with 559,000-gallon capacity
  • 25 ground storage tanks with a total capacity of 7,611,800 gallons
  • 23 elevated storage tanks with a total capacity of 6,925,000 gallons
  • 15,185,800 total gallons of storage

All of this represents a significant investment in long-term planning for our area. Aqua follows a strategic multi-year plan to guide capital investments in order to stay ahead of growth so that we do not experience water shortages.

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