Customer Service Inspections

Customer Service Inspections are performed by a State of Texas Licensed Customer Service Inspector. The purpose of the inspection is to identify and prevent cross connections, potential hazards, and test for illegal lead materials.

Frequently Asked Customer Service Inspection Questions:

When are you required to have a Customer Service Inspection?

  • New construction
  • Existing service where contaminant hazards are suspected
  • Material improvement, correction, or expansion of distribution facilities
  • Transfer services on a property that has not previously had a customer service inspection

What happens during a Customer Service Inspection?

  • Customer Service Inspection for on-site built homes and commercial properties must include an internal inspection of the residence or facility to determine whether premises isolation is necessary.  Reference: TCEQ RG-206
  • Manufactured homes are required to comply with proper plumbing standards, under the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act, as enforced by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. These standards, which became effective on June 15, 1976, prohibit lead and cross-connections within the home. (TCEQ RG-206) The customer service inspector will inspect the outside premises to ensure that there is no contaminant hazards an internal inspection is not required only outside premises.

How to schedule a Customer Service Inspection?

  • To schedule your CSI inspection, click the link below. If you need assistance scheduling your appointment, please contact 512-581-3363 or call our main office at 512-303-3943 ext 333.



To learn more about CSI’s, visit the Aqua WSC Tariff:

  • Section 5.3 – Miscellaneous Fees
  • Section 5.3.3 – Customer Service Fee
  • Section 6.13 – Customer Service Inspections