Transfer of Membership

Membership Transfer Fee – $25.00

In the event the member shall sell his property, Aqua shall charge a membership transfer fee to transfer the membership to the new customer.

The following information is required to complete a transfer of membership:

  1. $25.00 transfer fee (in lieu of membership fee of $100)
  2. Current meter reading
  3. Application completed by new owner
  4. Copy of closing paper work (Settlement Statement and General Warranty Deed) or copy of Filed Deed for new owner
  5. Signed stock certificate or transfer letter from previous owner
  6. Balance on existing account paid in full upon transfer
  7. If current service has been disconnected, a $60.00 reconnect fee applies
  8. $70 Customer Service Inspection fee will be collected to cover the cost of a mandatory inspection in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality. A complete inspection is to be performed within 30 days of completion of the customer’s new service lineThis inspection will apply if a structure has been moved on to the property where one did not exist prior to the transfer and is connected to the meter.

Aqua’s Tariff, Section 6.23 – Transfer of Membership

Where Aqua has not disconnected water service, Aqua may transfer a membership to a new owner or purchaser under a contract for deed or any other applicable deed upon the member’s full payment of all amounts owed for water service, return of the membership certificate or completion of a Transfer of Membership form, and payment of the Membership Transfer Fee.  When Aqua transfers a membership, the former member does not receive a refund of the Membership Fee.  Aqua assigns all rights of membership to the new member.