Miscellaneous Fees

Section 5.3 – Miscellaneous Fees

5.3.1 Membership Fee – $100.00

The Membership Fee is not refundable and applies to each service connection to Aqua’s System.

5.3.2 Membership Transfer Fee – $25.00

In the event the member sells the property receiving service, Aqua will charge a membership transfer fee to transfer the membership to the new customer.

5.3.3 Customer Service Inspection Fee – $70.00

The State of Texas mandates that any requests for new service from a public water supply include a Customer Service Inspection (CSI) conducted by a licensed Customer Service Inspector.  Aqua will also conduct a Customer Service Inspection when there is a request to transfer service from a membership that has never had an inspection, and whenever there is a request to reconnect a service after that service has been discontinued for a year.

5.3.4 Backflow Prevention Permit and Fees

All members are required to notify Aqua of an actual or potential contamination hazard by submitting a completed Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Report form (TCEQ-20700) and an Aqua Cross-Connection Permit application with payment of a $25 Permit Fee.  At any residence or establishment where an actual or potential contamination hazard exists, the member is required to install additional protection in the form of an air gap or backflow prevention assembly device.  Aqua’s backflow prevention program identifies potential sources of contamination to Aqua’s System on a member’s property and determines the degree of the existing hazard and the required installation of a backflow prevention assembly device.

Upon installation of the backflow prevention assembly, a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester must complete TCEQ’s Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Report, required by TCEQ, and submit it to Aqua.  Only a licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester can complete the test and report for the backflow prevention device.  Members may obtain a list of licensed testers by contacting Aqua.

TCEQ requires annual testing of all cross connections assessed as a health hazard.  The TCEQ testing requirement applies to any irrigation system installed on sites with an on-site sewage facility (OSSF), such as a septic tank, and which is connected to Aqua’s System.  The existence of the OSSF elevates the classification of the irrigation system to a health hazard requiring annual testing.  TCEQ grandfathered backflow prevention devices installed before 2009 until they require “major maintenance, alteration, repair, or service.”  When the backflow preventer can no longer be repaired in-line and has to be replaced, the owner must upgrade to the required Reduced Pressure assembly (RP).  Testable backflow prevention devices on irrigation systems installed on sites without an on-site sewage facility and not classified as a health hazard require testing every three (3) years.  Aqua mails a notice to the member when it is time for the retest.

Aqua will test any unreported and/or suspected contamination hazards at the members’ expense at $150.00 per test.  In the event a member refuses to allow such testing, Aqua will follow established TCEQ guidelines in dealing with the potential for contamination.

Backflow Prevention Permit Fee                                                                  $25.00

Test for Contamination Hazards                                                                $150.00


5.3.6 Meter Disconnection And Removal Fee (5/8″, 3/4″, & 1″ meters) – $100.00

Aqua charges a Meter Disconnection and Removal Fee to compensate for the cost of disconnecting, sealing, and removing the existing line tap and meter whenever a meter is removed or relocated at the member’s request.  Aqua determines the fee to disconnect and remove meters larger than one (1) inch on a case by case basis.

5.3.7 Late Charge

Aqua adds a 10% penalty for a payment received after the monthly-due date.  Failure to pay on or before the due-date may result in disconnection of service.  Aqua does not apply the penalty on delinquent bills to any balance to which the penalty was applied in a previous billing.

5.3.8 Returned Check Charge – $35.00

In the event Aqua receives three (3) returned checks for insufficient funds, Aqua may require the member or customer to pay with guaranteed funds such as cash, money order, cashier’s check, or credit card for the following twelve (12) months from the date of the last offense.  After twelve months from the most recent offense, Aqua may reconsider accepting checks from the member or customer.

5.3.9 Meter Inspection Fee – $30.00

Whenever a member’s inaction or inability to inspect a meter or to read a meter requires Aqua to dispatch a technician to inspect or read the meter, the member must pay the meter inspection fee.  The General Manager may waive this fee upon demonstration of a physical need for Aqua to provide the inspection service.


5.3.10 Change In Use Of Property Requiring Increase In Meter Size

In situations where the member has an Aqua meter, and wishes to increase the size of the meter, the member must pay Aqua the difference between the current amount of the System Development Fee on the existing meter and the current amount of the System Development Fee on the proposed meter.  In addition, the member must pay the Meter Setting Fee and a CSI Fee.

5.3.11 Charge For Moving Or Reinforcing Existing Aqua Facilities When Required By Change To Existing Or New Development

In situations where Aqua’s facilities are lawfully situated in a private or public easement or road right-of-way, and, in the opinion of Aqua, a new development, new construction, a change to an existing development, or any other change requiring Aqua to either move or reinforce its facilities to ensure the protection of the facilities, the customer/developer must pay the costs incurred by Aqua to move or reinforce its facilities.

5.3.12 Equipment Damage Fees

For connections with 5/8”, 3/4”, and 1” meters, Aqua charges the following Equipment Damage fees to compensate for repairs to Aqua’s water distribution system caused by an unauthorized reconnection of water service where Aqua has disconnected service.  For all other damages made to Aqua’s distribution system, Aqua will charge for the actual cost of repairs.

Replace damaged or destroyed locks                                                         $100.00

Replace damaged or destroyed water meters:

5/8” meter                                                                                                            $470.00

3/4” meter                                                                                                            $490.00

1” meter                                                                                                                 $730.00

Replace damaged or destroyed angle stops                                            $150.00

Aqua determines Equipment Damage Fees for connections with meters larger than 1″ on a case by case basis in accordance with the actual costs incurred by Aqua due to the damage.

5.3.13 Diversion and Theft of Service

Aqua will assess a fine to any member or person diverting and/or taking water from Aqua’s System through a fire hydrant, an illegal tap, bypassing a meter, or using any other means to obtain water without specific authorization.  In addition to the theft of service fine, Aqua will charge the actual costs associated with repairing any system facilities damaged and, if required, the subsequent service trip to reactivate service after payment of these charges.  Aqua may also pursue criminal charges for theft under Texas Penal Code Section 28.03(b)(3)(B) and 28.03(c).

Fine for Diversion and Theft of Service                                                      $150.00

5.3.14 Feasibility Study Fee

Any person requesting a Feasibility Study must pay a non-refundable fee in accordance with a current fee schedule.  The fee for a Feasibility Study will vary with the size of the project.

Feasibility Study                               In Accordance with a Current Fee Schedule (Exhibit C)

If fire flow is needed, the requestor pays an additional non-refundable fee plus the applicable Feasibility Study fee from the fee schedule.  Requestors pay this fee at the time of submittal of the Request for Feasibility Study.

Fire Flow                   Additional Fee in Accordance with a Current Fee Schedule (Exhibit C)

5.3.15  Capital Investment Recovery Fee

Under some circumstances such as projected high growth or demonstrated need, Aqua will assume the risk of development and invest in an infrastructure construction project to supply water to a specific geographical region within its service area.  The infrastructure required for providing service may include production, storage, pumping, and/or transmission.

Aqua will determine the available capacity for each specific project in terms of Living Unit Equivalents (LUEs).  To determine the pro-rata cost for each LUE associated with a specific project, Aqua will divide the total cost of the infrastructure project by the total LUE capacity created by the project.  Any developer or customer requesting water from the resulting infrastructure project will pay a Capital Investment Recovery Fee (CIRF) relative to the number of LUEs taken from the total LUE capacity.

CIRF                                                         Calculated Per LUE for Specific Project

5.3.16 Water Lines For Fire Protection (Fire Flow)

If a person intends to install a fire line or loop for the purposes of providing water service for firefighting, this person must provide the required water demand information to Aqua, in terms of flow quantity and time, necessary to meet the fire flow requirements.   Additionally, this person must pay an additional fee and submit a Request for Feasibility Study to Aqua to conduct a Feasibility Study to review the plan and determine any necessary water system improvements.  The person must also pay the costs of the double detector check assembly and all other necessary appurtenances to be placed on the fire line or loop, plus the cost of any necessary backflow prevention device.  All double-detector check meters are billed a Monthly Customer Charge equivalent to that of a 5/8” simple meter as defined in the Rate Schedule section of this Tariff, plus any Usage Charges for all used water, excepting those instances where water is used for firefighting.  It is the responsibility of the member to notify Aqua of the quantity of water used for firefighting.  Water lines for fire protection serviced through a double-detector check meter or similar assembly may not be used for any other purpose.

5.3.17. Fire Hydrant Meter Fees and Deposits

For persons requesting the use of a fire hydrant meter, there is a required deposit of $1,200.00.  Aqua also charges a Monthly Charge and a Usage Charge as defined by the size of the meter and equivalent to the fees outlined for Large Volume Service in the Rate Schedule section of this Tariff.  Aqua will return the deposit upon payment of all monthly and usage fees due to Aqua and the return of the meter in good working condition.

Deposit for Fire Hydrant Meter                                                                $1,200.00

5.3.18. Water Distribution System Flow Test

To conduct a flow test on Aqua’s Distribution System, the developer or other applicant requesting the test must pay Aqua a non-refundable fee of $150.00 for each individual flow test.

Flow Testing Fee  150.00


5.3.19. Waterline Locate Fee

Any customer or landowner requesting Aqua to locate a waterline for a non-emergency purpose must pay a fee of $600.00 for each required pothole.

Waterline Locate Fee per Pothole                                                              $600.00

5.3.20 Fee for Review of Real Property Records

All applicants requesting new service, requesting an estimate to provide service to a tract of land, or requesting relocation of an existing meter must pay a non-refundable Application Fee in the amount of $150.00.  Aqua will use the fee to research the real property records in the relevant county to determine compliance with that county’s subdivision regulations and to determine which sections of Water Service to Subdivisions in this Tariff may apply.

Application Fee                                                                                          $150.00