Water Service Update 2-21-21 11:41 AM


Aqua had a good night of recovery.  Nearly all of the service area should have at least some water, even at low pressure.  We have water in all elevated storage tanks though some are extremely low and not yet providing much pressure.

There are homes in the area north of McMahon and homes in the Del Valle area that remain without water service.  The elevated storage in these areas are the last to receive water due to elevation and distance from the source.

There is also a mechanical issue in Las Colinas that should be resolved shortly.

We are roughly estimating that everyone should have water service by this evening.  Pressure will be lower in some places but will continue to improve throughout tonight.  You will also have air in the lines that will bleed out with the water and you may have discolored water for a while.

It is important that you check your house lines and meter for leaks.  Field crews are seeing numerous residential leaks.  Also, be sure you have not left faucets open.  Each of these make it more difficult for us to get water to you.

The boil water notice has not been lifted for Aqua, so continue to boil for consumption. Thank you.