Update on Water Supply – 10:53 am


Bluebonnet Electric notified Aqua WSC late last night that they had ceased the power blackouts, and currently ERCOT is no longer requiring them.

With the provision of reliable power, Aqua’s field crews have been able to start filling water lines and tanks. However, the empty lines in the system hold far more water than the storage tanks. It will take some time to fill these before the ground storage and elevated storage tanks begin to fill.

The elevated tanks provide water and pressure to your homes. Aqua crews will also be flushing lines all over the water system to remove air.

The flushing will cause sediment deposits in the lines to break free resulting in discolored water. The water is safe to use, but not to consume.

The boil water notice is still in effect. You may also have air in your house lines when you turn on the faucets. This process may require a day or so before the entire 1,100 square mile system is back to normal. Not everyone will have water service restored at the same time. We will update as we are able.

Again, thank you for your patience.


Please note: Our service area is Bastrop County and surrounding areas. We are not Aqua Texas nor are we affiliated with them in any way.

If you are not an Aqua WSC customer and are experiencing disruption, we encourage you to reach out to your service provider.


Thank you