Tips & Tricks for Winterizing Your Home & Property

As we are heading into some below freezing days, now is the time to get prepared and winterize your home and property. Here are some helpful tips for winterizing!

1. Insulate Your Pipes:
  • Outdoor pipes are considered priority so tackle those first and then tackle indoor pipes.
2. Turn Off Outdoor Faucets:
  • Locate the isolation valves on the water lines leading to the external water supply. Once you’ve turned off your outside water supply, open your outside faucets until all the water is drained. At the same time, disconnect your garden hoses and fittings from the hose bibbs.
3. Clear Out Your Gutters & Drains:
  • Removing debris from your gutters and drains will allow water to flow more freely. If water is allowed to linger, it’s more likely to turn into ice when the chill sets and then block pipes.
4. Keep the Heater on in Your Home:
  • Set your thermostat to at least 55°F to prevent your pipes from freezing.
5. Let Your Closed-In Pipes Breathe:
  • Open up any cabinets that encase pipework in your kitchen and bathroom. Near to outside walls, these pipes can become cold, but by opening the cabinet doors, they can benefit from the warm air inside your house.
6. Run Your Faucets:
  • It’s harder for water to freeze if it’s moving, so turn your taps on and off regularly to keep it flowing. If you’re worried about wasting water or the cost as you’re on a water meter, simply save the water to use later.