Water Service Update 2-20-21 2:30 PM

The elevated storage tank on Hwy 71 near Lost Pines Resort is now filling as well as the St. Mary’s tank allowing us to further push water into Zone 2 and Zone 8 generally described by Zip Codes 78612, 78617, and portions of 78616 (south of SH71 and West of SH304).  We hope to see some service restored in this area by this evening.

In the Sandhills area, we are starting to fill elevated tanks so some should have low pressure water service soon.  We have freed some water from the McMahan area and started pumping it north toward the Taylorsville Road and Red Rock areas.  This area is some of the highest in Aqua’s system and will take the longest to serve.

Though we have not been able to fill the elevated tank on County Line Road which serves areas south, west, and north of Elgin (78653 and 78621) the elevated storage in Zone 6 has started filling.  We are pumping more and more water in this direction and hope to see results sometime this evening.

This update does not mean everyone in these areas will have water this evening.  That is impossible to predict on an individual or even street basis because of differences in elevation; however, we are starting to see very positive results.

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